What are the current plans for BranchPro's implementation, etc?

Hi everyone.
Following our closure to new members/investors I asked everyone for their opinions regarding the capping of investments. We had people wanting to set it at levels as low as $25,000 and many at a level from $75,000 to $100,000. Some members thought it would be better to introduce a maximum withdrawal amount rather than cap the investment itself.
After listening to the many comments and keeping in mind that we have to go with the best interests for the longevity of The Branch, we have finally decided to implement a cap of $100,000 per member. We also liked the idea of implementing a maximum withdrawal amount, so we've decided to set a withdrawal cap of $3,000 per month per member. These caps are only for Branch1 and Branch2 members and will come in to force at once.
Once a member reaches $100,000 investment they will be moved to BranchPro. This along with members going into profit should speed up the process of moving members to BranchPro before setting the final Interest figure for all members on September 1st 2016 when we expect to transfer all members to BranchPro and set the Interest rate.
This will give everyone a chance to build their investments to a reasonable level to give them a good monthly income in the future.

As most of you know by now I have had a slight health scare with my kidneys, however everything is now fine and once I have an operation to solve the problem things will be good for me again.
I will be away for a short holiday on Sunday 20th September but hopefully I can still keep up with things but please don't worry if I am slower than normal as I will just be doing things morning and night.
Hope everyone is happy with the way things are going as we move forward.
Regards Bill with thanks to Michael Kaufman for editing it.
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2015-09-19 21:09
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