How did this Club start?

When Liberty Reserve (A large payment processor) collapsed in early May 2013, a few big HYIP (High Yield Investments) investors got together to set up an investment club. It should be stressed that we searched for legitimate businesses which were thriving and would therefore make excellent investment vehicles.

We each put in a very large sum of money and made investments in real companies within the telecom industry. When we then reinvested our money for awhile and found it to be profitable beyond our expectations, we invited a few more and once we reached 10 members we decided to close the club. We now own a large number of shares in 2 large telecom companies, one in Europe and one in South America. A mobile games company and a large global advertising company have been added since.

To make it brief, we get paid a small percentage of every phone call
made and that amounts to millions of calls per day. These investments were beyond the reach of many of our friends so we decided to open branches of The Club to allow people with smaller amounts to invest. The rules are set by each branch and with this branch we decided you could invest and redeposit from earnings with just $30 and exact multiples of $30. Owing to the way we make investments it had to be in multiples of $30. For every $30 you received a return of $5 per month. That worked out to 16.666% per month.

Branch2 was added later see the details on this site.

Wanting to keep it simple, we initially decided not to have a website,
hence no hosting fees, no script, no web design fees, nor DDoS
protection fees. This was our security against hackers, etc.
We've now decided that it will be beneficial to have a simple information site allowing members to easily promote this opportunity to friends, family and acquaintances, where they can have the most common questions answered.

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