Newsletter for March 2nd

Sorry for the delay in sending out this news but I have been very busy making sure we are all happy bunnies. In less than 2 weeks our last investment is due to start to pay out for us, this is another telecom company and this type of company tend to be very stable with the profits we receive. The money should start to arrive with us around the 25th March.
In this last 2 weeks we have had some intense meetings of the main Investment Club, the reason for this is that we have virtually filled all available places within the club and also within our Branch. It was decided that we should start new branches for people who have reached a profit situation as we have many people who want to join our community and by doing this it will free up spots for the many who want to invest. It will also make it legal to continue to accept new members for a limited time.
We have at least 50% of our members already in profit and making a good monthly income, so we will be transferring all these members to a new Branch to be called BRANCH PRO, and all the members in profit will receive a  mailing with details of how we intend to proceed once we have confirmed the profit with our records.
We are now becoming the only platform/club that can give all members a guaranteed income and we will have many spots available as from today, however we have decided to close Branch1 and Branch2 to new members within a few months so it's imperative that all interested parties make their investments sooner rather than later.
If you have any concerns please send me a mail and I will try to answer and explain anything you don't understand.

These changes are needed to move with the times and I am sure you all agree that we need to get to get everyone in to profit within 12/18 months so that we can set and forget our fantastic investment platform.

Everything is going to plan and I want to thank you all for being patient with me whilst recovering from my eye operation and for the messages of support. I am due to receive some new spectacles any day just for computer work so as not to affect my eyes.

I trust everyone is now happy with The Branch and I look forward to helping you all achieve your dreams.

Best Regards Bill Bach
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2015-04-07 22:35
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