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Newsletter 24/08/2012

This is a detailed update on how things are going with The Branch and our Investment Club in general.

All our investments are doing well as always, they are good
investments and we expect them to be stable for a long time,we won't see
any results on the last 2 investments until around January when the
first 6 months dividends are through. After that we will be getting paid
regularly as we are investing weekly in these companies.

We have been looking at another Telecom Company in Europe, this will
need a large investment on an ongoing basis so it will depend on how
much money is invested throughout the whole club as to wheather we can
invest the required amount in this company, otherwise we will have to
wait until next year when the new investments become profitable.

Membership of this Branch stands at 74 for Branch1 and 42 for
Branch2, so we can only accept another 26 for Branch1 and 58 for

We have a fantastic business here and some good investors who are
also helping others to become involved. Most people accept that we need
rules and regulations for the smooth running of The Branch however we
have recently had a few members who have expressed concern that they
have to wait 10 days after payment request to get paid. The reason for
this is that we have to wait for our investments to mature as well and
it allows us to make sure money is available. Unlike some programs we
make real investments and sometimes we have to wait longer than 10 days
to be paid. I would be grateful if members would send me a PM if you are
concerned about anything and not cause mayhem by making unjust comments
in the chat room.

There will NOT be a meeting this Monday 25th August as it's Bank
Holiday, I will send a message to everyone or post in chat when a
meeting is needed otherwise we don't need to meet every Monday.

Remember we are all here to make our desired monthly income and if
we can help our friends to do the same then The Branch will be a
wonderful place to be for many years to come.
Best regards,


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