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15/11/2018 17:34:05The Branch Chat Room[Danny]but us old timers gotta stay active! huh?
15/11/2018 17:33:16The Branch Chat Room[Danny]you need to take it easy Bill. let the kiddos run things...
15/11/2018 17:32:33The Branch Chat Room[Danny]hmm? Bill. busy?
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12/11/2018 23:19:03The Branch Chat Room[Danny]i think i know what you might say but i thought of a counter argument! but this is all mute, aka useless, cause you are already on our side! huh?!
11/11/2018 19:39:01The Branch Chat Room[Danny]Bill i think i know the answer to this, so humour me! why does the minority have sway over money that didn't come from their pockets?

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