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16/01/2019 22:28:57The Branch Chat Room[billbach]He keeps registering under other names and I keep banning him
16/01/2019 21:43:30The Branch Chat Room[CashKaufer]I say Danny has used up his last chance of many. He evidently cannot control himself and we don't need the noise here. He also sent me some of his "pooetry." I barely glanced at it but did not care to read it. 'Nuff said.
16/01/2019 14:44:50The Branch Chat Room[pilot]He (Danny) just wrote me a novel long inappropriate political private message. He’s out of control.
15/01/2019 23:51:25The Branch Chat Room[fsa]You made the right decision. He was becoming extremely annoying and made no sense most of the time.
15/01/2019 23:20:22The Branch Chat Room[Lordwin]I say allowed back in as long as they were not racist comments ir tons of swearing?
15/01/2019 16:13:22The Branch Chat Room[pilot]His “sorry” has been way over-used. Chances gone is my vote.
15/01/2019 16:10:47The Branch Chat Room[pilot]My vote is no. Completely nuts. No sober person talks like that.
14/01/2019 19:24:53The Branch Chat Room[billbach]I deleted them all after a few members complained, the posts made no sense to me at all
14/01/2019 14:10:08The Branch Chat Room[Elizabeth]I didnt see any of his posts. If allowed back in must learn to keep his comments civil, else automatic ban
14/01/2019 12:08:03The Branch Chat Room[billbach]Do you want me to let him back in then,please respond members?
13/01/2019 21:30:56The Branch Chat Room[CashKaufer]I didn't see the posts Danny made here but frankly I am not concerned. We don't need the verbal diahorrea. Mind you, it will seem almost deathly silent here with his absence. :wave

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